SLimz - Now or never (текст песни)

Listen to me girl 
We can fuck now or never 
Are you got it? 

Now or never girl so 
I don't care what you choose 
When they see my diamonds 
They are just can not refuse 

Sorry girl my hands cut loose 
Are you know we dippin in that Molly 
Till you fucked up till I'm on one 
Let me know language of your body 

Will you stand with me in this party? 
Will you fuck with me after party? 

Use your brain my time is money 
But to warn you girl don't love me 
I wanna do my own thing 
Not even death can stop me girl 

Maybe you will fuck me 
in the oceans of my dreams 
oceans of my dreams 
But this is nothing but a dreams 

My Reality is sometimes 
Higher than all your fuckin dreams 
Are you want me on my knees 
Only in your fuckin dreams 

We've got nothing to lose 
Nothing to lose 
Tell me girl what you choose 
We've got nothing to lose 
So tell me girl what you choose 

Now or never, Now or never 
Now or never, Never or now 
We can make go love together 
Now or never, Now or never 
Now or never, Never or now 
We can just fuck together 

I ain't looking for a steady thing 
You are not looking for a ring 
So tell me what you drink what you need 
Cuz no one's here to sleep 

Got a pockets full of Cali weed 
You need keep it on the down low 
Down low, down low, down low 

I was in my zone but I need a reload 
Took bome mind is outta control 
Iyou ain't wanna trip that mean you gotta go 
But you don't quit I know it and you know 

I know it 
You know it 
You can't quit 
You don't quit 

help me make it through the night 
Bring your friend, I bring the Molly 
And we ain't going sleep at all 

Don't get me wrong 
I don't wanna sleep alone 
so give me a sign now or never 
till I'm gone away girl 

Verse (X2) 

Spending every rack on you 
Wasted so much time for you 
So how can I not 
Hold my hope for you 

I wanna remind you 
Girl I wanna remind you 
We've got nothing to lose 
Tell me girl what you choose 


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